Amacher Enterprises encompasses a consulting business and a rental business

Electrical Engineering Consulting

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(NEW) I'm a hardware engineer experienced in all aspects of hardware design, specializing in telephony, embedded systems, and the documentation thereof.

I am retired and no job is too small.

I specialize in documentation. I can write a specification for your project which will provide a roadmap for success. The theory is that if you specify what you are going to do before you start, success will be more likely. A design specification will specify the software/firmware interfaces and microprocessor register settings. It will cover power requirements, packaging, and PCB partitioning. With a specification in hand, hardware and software can start and run concurrently. In real life a lot of the specification can be written concurrently with the hardware and software design.

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I own several single family residences in Sunnyvale and San Jose. Occasionally one of these becomes available for new tenents. If a rental is available I advertise it on Craig's list or equivalent.